Traffic Citations and Traffic Court FAQ

How do I find my Citation number?

To locate a court (Civil or Criminal) case in Lee County, click on Online Services, then Search Court Cases and accept the disclaimer. Click on Court Records Public Search. Choose either Criminal & Traffic. You can search by case number, name or attorney. For traffic tickets, you can also enter the citation number. Next to "search by" click on the drop down button to choose how you want to search. When entering a name, both a first and last name are required however, if you are only putting in partial information, you will need to asterisk after the name.


If you cannot locate your case, please call our office at 239-533-5000 to speak with a clerk in the Traffic office. Note: There is a time delay between the date that a ticket is written and the date it is entered into our system.


How soon after issuance must I pay the citation? 

Infraction violations must be paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the citation was issued. Criminal violations are due on or before the date the Court authorizes.


Are there other options available to me besides paying my citation?

Yes, each type of citation carries a statutory fine and possible point assessment. You have thirty (30) calendar days from the date you received your citation to select from one of three available options:


Option #1 - Pay your fine as indicated on the back of the citation. Paying the fine means you admit to the violation listed on your citation. Occasionally the citation you receive has a printed fine amount, but the actual fine amount reflected by our record is different. Usually the actual fine amount is higher. This may be attributed to the fact that many county governments add surcharges to citations by ordinance that the law enforcement agency does not reflect when the citation is printed. Points may be assessed against your driving record if the violation is one that carries points. Click here for information to pay your citation.  


Option #2 - Request a hearing by notifying the Clerk's Office in person or in writing, within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance. You may plead not guilty and we will schedule a court date for a hearing. Court costs may be involved.


Option #3 - Elect to attend a defensive driving course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in the location of your choice. In such case, adjudication shall be withheld and POINTS SHALL NOT BE ASSESSED provided you have not attended driving school in the last twelve months and if you have not been to driving school within the last 12 months and  more than 5 times in a lifetime and do not hold a class A, B, or C CDL License. Please note, the State of Florida monitors your driving record and periodically checks your record for point accumulation.  An excessive number of points within a specific time period will result in action being taken against your driving privileges.


Florida law allows you thirty (30) calendar days from the issue date of your citation to comply with one of these options. If you fail to select one within the thirty day compliance period, you are subject to late fees and possible suspension of your driver license. If you continue to drive on a suspended license, you may be arrested by any law enforcement agency. If you have any questions about your options, please call the number provided on your citation or contact thet Clerk of Courts Office for assistance.


Can I get an extention for my court date?

No, we do not give extentions for court dates.


Who will be present at the non-jury Traffic hearing?

The officer who issued the traffic infraction and any other witnesses called by the officer or any other witnesses that you wish to call to testify on your behalf. If you choose to subpoena witnesses on your behalf, it will be your responsibility for the preparation and costs, generally costing $40 per person.


What must I do if the court finds me guilty?

If you are found guilty of a civil traffic infraction the court may assess fine and costs, order you to attend a defensive driving course or impose other penalties. If you should fail to pay the fine and costs in the time allotted you by the court, a suspension will be issued against your driver's license and additional penalties will be imposed. If you are found guilty of a criminal charge, the court may assess the fine and costs, order you to attend driver improvement school, place you on probation or impose other penalties. If you should fail to pay the fine and costs in the time allotted you by the court, or fail to complete any other sanction placed upon you by the court, a suspension may be issued against your driver's license, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, or varying additional penalties may be imposed by the Judge.


Can the Clerk's office advise me of points assessed against my license?

No, deputy clerks cannot advise you of the number of points assessed against your driver history record or how points will affect your insurance. The Clerk's Office can provide a full driving history for a fee of $16.25 for a lifetime history. Otherwise, you must address your questions to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and/or your insurance agent.


What do I need to renew my Driver License?

For documentation requirements for residents renewing or obtaining a new driver license or identification card, please go to .


Defensive Driving School FAQ

Who may make an election to attend Defensive Driving School?

Any person charged with a moving or non-moving violation, other than violations involving driver's licenses, vehicle registration, or proof of insurance, is eligible to elect to attend a defensive driving course in lieu of accumulating points on the driver history record if they have not attended the school in the past 12 months and if they have not attended more than 5 time in a lifetime and do not hold a class A, B, or C CDL License.


What is the benefit of making an election?

There are two benefits. (1) No points will be assessed against your driver's license. (2) Attending a defensive driving course to satisfy the violation will be entered on your driver history record as an "adjudication withheld."


Do I have to pay to elect a defensive driving course?

Yes, the civil penalty is required by law to be paid in addition to the cost for the driving course which may reange from $20 - $35.


How  can I elect to attend a defensive driving course?

You may pay online and make the election on our website or come into one of Clerk offices or, if you reside outside of Lee County, contact your local Clerk's Office and you may make your election to attend a defensive driving course by mail. Read the Affidavit carefully. Within thirty (30) calendar days of the date your citation was issued, complete the affidavit, have your signature notarized and return the affidavit to the Clerk's Office in the envelope provided. Be sure to include a check or money order for the civil penalty and allow sufficient mail time to ensure your affidavit is received in the Clerk's Office with the thirty (30) calendared days required. After you have completed and paid the costs for the election, contact an approved school to arrange a schedule for the course (you may find a listing of driver improvement courses in your local yellow pages). You must enroll, attend and complete the defensive driving course within sixty (60) calendar days from the date you elected to attend. You will need to be prepared to pay for the course at the time of enrollment.


Do  I need to do anything else after I attend the defensive driving course?

Yes, you must present proof of completion of the defensive driving course to the Clerk's Office. Proof must be received in the Clerk's Office within sixty (60) calendar days of the date you elected to attend the course. You may do this online or in person in one of our offices. If the date that the completion is due falls on a holiday or a weekend, the certificate must be received prior to that date.


Can I change my mind after I elect to attend a defensive driving course?

If you elect to attend a defensive driving course, you must enroll and complete the course, with proof of completion being presented to the Clerk's Office, within sixty (60) calendar days of your election. If you fail to meet any one of these requirements for any reason, an addition delinquency fee will be owed, your driver's license will be suspended, a reinstatement fee to reinstate your privilege to drive will be required and a conviction of the violation will be reported on your driver history record.


If you contact the Clerk's Office before the sixty (60) days and state that you no longer wish to attend the defensive driving course, a fee is assessed for changing the election from attending to not attend driving course, the case will be closed and the points will be assessed to the license.  If you decide to not attend, the original election to attend driving school counts as one your 5 times in a lifetime elections.


I received a traffic citation and would like to attend driving school in order to avoid points on my license.  Can you recommend one to me?

You may attend a driving school online or in person. To locate an approved online basic driver improvement course, please use your web browser to search the Internet, refer to your local telephone directory, or contact the course providers listed on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles  website.


The school election must be selected with the Clerk’s office within 30 days from the issuance date of your citation. Be sure to check the appropriate box on your citation when paying by mail. There is an additional fee assessed pursuant to Florida Statute if you choose the school election option. You can choose the school option either by online credit card option, by mailing your payment to our PO Box, or by visiting one of our locations.

Pay Citations Online

Pay Citations in Our Offices


Once you make the election with the clerk you will have 60 days from that date to complete the school and provide the completion certificate to the Clerk’s office. The certificate of completion must be submitted to theClerk of Courts office by one of the following options:

·   Email to

·   Mailthrough USPS to the Clerk of Courts, Traffic Office, PO Box 2507, Fort Myers, Florida, 33902

·   Overnight Mail to the Clerk of Courts, Traffic Office, 2075 Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, 2nd floor, Fort Myers, Florida 33901

·   Take in person to the Cape Coral Lee County Government Center, second floor at 1039 SE 9th PL or to the first floor at 1700 Monroe St., in Fort Myers. Please note: the Cape Coral Office is only open Tuesday through Thursday.


How often can I take driving school to avoid points?

You may elect the traffic school option once within a twelve (12) month period, and a total of five (5) times in your lifetime.  To see if you are eligible, you may check online at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles  website.


What if I receive a citation outside Lee County?

You must make your election and pay the associated fines and costs to attend a defensive driving course in the county in which your citation was issued. You may, however, attend a defensive driving course approved by the State of Florida, in the location of your choice. Refer to your local telephone directory for the names and locations of defensive driving courses in other counties.

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